What Is A Sports Injury?
A sports injury can happen to anyone, at any time, for any reason. A sports injury can be traumatic or it can be an injury from overuse or repetitive strain during sports. Common sports injuries treated by our physios include knee pain and injuries, swollen muscles, sprains and strains, fractures and dislocations.
A sports injury should not be ignored, it won't heal itself properly on its own and you may end up with more serious long term problems like stiffer joints, weaker muscles or tissue tightness. Therefore, whether sports injuries are recent or old, they need professional assessment and management in the form of Sports Physio to ensure no unnecessary complications arise. 

How Can We Help?
Any Chartered Physiotherapist can treat a sports injury, but at Dr. Maniesh Chaudhri's Northern Joint Replacement Center we believe that ‘just’ treating the condition is not enough. We want to identify the exact causes and other contributing factors to your injury so that we can provide a more comprehensive treatment plan for you to bring you back to your sport in a superior condition than before.
Our Physios can provide the most up to date treatment for all types of sports injuries. It is important to note that Chartered Physiotherapists (and not any other profession) play a key role in the treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention of professional athletes in sporting teams and organisations like the Irish Rugby and Soccer teams.
Your body is important, so choose carefully who you choose to treat it.
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